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My old-school Karpiel Disco Volante needs a new home

I have about 6 DH bikes, so it's time to liquidate. Looking to get about $800 out of my circa 2002 18" Karpiel Disco Volante....Read More »

Paid Spam: '09 Karpiel Disco Volante - Lrg

[url]http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=61219&cat=3[/url] Have drank the Jedi Koolaid :thumbsup: So my big red girl is going up to help pay for the Force :cornut:Read More »

what year is my Karpiel Disco volante?

I picked it up for 600 have beaten the snot out of it. Now i need to fix a few things (stripped a crank, need to rebuild the mr gizmo chain guide and tune some things. Anyways Its clearly not what karpiel is currently making, does anybody know what year they made this frame style? Its definately ... Read More »

2009 Karpiel Disco Volante & Elka Stage 5

After completing a season at Northstar on the Elka Stage 5 all I can say is WOW!!!!! Patrick & Tony from Elka was kind enough to hook me up with the Stage 5 to test out on the new Disco. Right from the get go I noticed a huge difference in feel & performance, as the season progressed I would play ar ... Read More »

Northstar Race #1 Pictures. Karpiel

Pictures are up from the Northstar Race#1, Karpiel. you can find them here: [url]http://wmsmith.smugmug.com/gallery/8663398_iRZv9/1/572599876_3aYLB[/url] Thanks to N* for such a fun event. Moving the awards back to mid mountain was great.........it was good to see you all again and thanks for th ... Read More »



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