Kali Protectives Maraka XC and Avana Helmets

Kali Protectives is a company that is best known for its DH and gravity oriented full face helmets and armor. This year, they have really stepped up the game with the XC/AM crowd and they are even offering a road cycling version of the helmet. Both road and mtb models are identical with the additi ...    Read More »

Kali Protectives Road and XC Racing Helmets

Kali Pro Signals Entry into Road Racing Helmets: Sponsors Co-Founder in 2012 RAAM Innovative Protective brand announces revolutionary Road & XC Racing Helmets’ launch at 2012 Race Across America (RAAM) Morgan Hill, CA, June 4, 2012 – Kali Protectives, a brand built on the principle of athletes ...    Read More »

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probably old news by now, but here you go: [url=http://www.vp-usa.com/enduro]KALI Protectives FALL OF THE ENDURO pb VP[/url] the entry fee is $40 and includes dinner and a movie under the stars... 9 timed stages, around 16 total miles... lots of prizes, $1000 for open men... our timing i ... Read More »

Kali Protectives Aatma Review

After being off the bike last summer with a wrist issue I thought it was time to upgrade some stuff and get a new helmet. I wanted a DOT for sure this time and looked at most of the big names out there and settled on a Kali Aatma [IMG]http://h1.ripway.com/jmac/IMG_2783.JPG[/IMG] I was able to get ... Read More »

Kali Protectives

My gf is getting into riding with me and as the difficulty level of the trails we go on increases she feels like she is at the point where she needs a FF helmet (as do I). we went to a couple local shops to size out a helmet for her and see what she felt comfortable in. one of the shops had Kali hel ... Read More »

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