Video: How a fi'zi:k saddle is made

Our friends at Global Cycling Network went to the fi'zi:k factory in Italy, for a behind the scenes look on how their saddles are made.   Read More »

Review: K-Edge Stem Mounts for Garmin Computers

The new K-Edge stem mounts are durable and tough and well-made, and the design offers excellent protection for your valuable Garmin Edge GPS bike computers. The mounts attach onto the bike's steerer, and they come in two versions; a fixed and an adjustable model.   Read More »

K-EDGE Computer Mount for Garmin Edge

K-EDGE started their endeavors with Kristin Armstrong’s Chain Catcher at the 2008 Olympics (Gold individual time trial in 2008 and 2012), and they have since added more catchers and camera mounts. Their latest product is an aluminum bike computer mount for Garmin's Edge series, and the anodized jewe ...    Read More »

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F?&K Yeah! Neg rep!

Got some neg rep! it's not the first time, but it is the first from someone so insignifigant that it makes me feel cool. Thanks! And Sedona is still just a six letter word on a map for me-:thumbsup:Read More »

k-edge dirt-3?

anyone here using one??? [url=]K-Edge DIRT-3 - Mountain - K-Edge Chain Catchers[/url]Read More »

K i t c h e n Showrooms London UK

Kitchen Showrooms [B]London UK.[/B] [URL=""][/URL] Full kitchens with appliances from only £595 in our showroom in [B]London UK[/B]. TEL- 01616-694785. Kitchen Showrooms [B]London UK[/B]Read More »

K-Bay fat/raft slideshow

Last Monday a crew of us traversed the head of Kachemak Bay with fatbikes and Packrafts. We camped together one night. The next day some had to return to work and a few of us continued on to Grewingk Glacier. HD slideshow here: [url][/url]Read More »

New 10 year old shock O.K.?

Hi Is a brand new never used rock shox phylo c fork that is 10 years old going to be ok to put on my bike now? Would the seals just let go?Read More »

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