Julbo Ultra Review

The Julbo Ultra is an impressive pair of sunglasses, being comfortable, fog free, durable, scratch resistant, and offer superb optical clarity, with great varying light capabilities from their photochromic properties. Julbo stepped up the ante this year and lightened the photochromic protection cate ...    Read More »

Julbo Contest Review

The Julbo Contest is a pretty amazing pair of sunglasses. They are comfortable, fog free, durable, scratch resistant, and offer excellent wind protection, great varying light capabilities and superb optical clarity. During my six months of use while mountain biking, they have become my loyal compani ...    Read More »

Julbo Dirt Review

Reviewed by Brian Mullin http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ I have been putting the Julbo Dirt sunglasses through the paces from close to a year now while mountain biking. They have dealt with wind storms, rain, snow, and light varying from the bright desert, to the dark woods, and everything in be ...    Read More »

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Julbo Instinct

I was looking for biking sunglasses and I ended up choosing these from Optics Planet. I got the ones with the Photochromic lenses which means the darken and lighten based on how much bright the UV light is. They have good eye coverage so protect you from wind. They fit well when you slip the arms un ... Read More »

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