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Video: ENVE DH Minnaarbar Impact Test

The Minnaarbar is an 808mm wide, 245 gram, full-carbon downhill specific handlebar that is produced and manufactured in Ogden, Utah. Watch Enve try to destroy this bar with a simulated 2000 lb impact.   Read More »

Interbike 2013 Outdoor Demo: Rejuvenated Merlin Goes 'Back to the Future' with Magical XLM 29

The XLM 29 combines new school features with old school Merlin mojo for a magical riding experience.   Read More »

Feature: Destination Santa Cruz, CA

You like mind bending climbs. You like thrilling descents. You like to ride on pavement and you like to ride on dirt. If you answered yes, yes, and yes please, then Santa Cruz, CA should be at the top of your cycling vacation list.    Read More »

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Gentec vs. Victor J 28

Any comments on the quality/fuctionality of the Gentec "casting" torch handle ( [URL="http://www.jewelrytools.com/eurotool/torches/Gentec-Casting-Torch-Torch-Handle.html?gclid=CL3RpqDa3LgCFY5r7AodUVgAnQ"]SOL-250.10 - Gentec Casting Torch, Torch Handle[/URL] ) compared to the J 28? Appears to be a cl ... Read More »

J.P. "Bike Hater Extraordinaire" Quote from Marin IJ.

I don't usually like to put any energy into this dudes slanderous comments on articles in the IJ but this is just too much. Quote from J.P.: "So....Chief Mike Giannini's clearing of manzanita and brush up there that caused a ruckus with Open Space was not such a bad idea after all. [COLOR="#FF00 ... Read More »

Are J & L Titanium Products Any Good ?

J & L is a Chinese titanium manufacturer that has some products listed on ebay. Ti forks, bars, stems, etc. Has anyone ridden with J & L parts and are they decent ? I don't expect the quality would compare to talented welders from the likes of Moots, Litespeed, Merlin, etc. However, I wonder if the ... Read More »

Santa Monica's alert: Trail crew camped at the bottom of J-drop (again)

Rode down into Rustic Canyon this morning(Jan 3), and found the trail crew setting up camp again... 40 x 40 tent and all the equipment. It looks like they will be camped there at least 7 days, and hiking up the Royal J in order to do work on the Backbone above the bridge. If you were planning on ... Read More »

best way out after J-drop?

hey all I rode jdrop 2nd time today first time i rode it was a year ago when i was just starting biking and I dont remember a thing as i followed a friend out this time, I rode in through will rogers polo field, up over bridge and then down jdrop then at bottom i think I came out by the naz ... Read More »

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