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Wheels 4 Life Dreambike Auction

This weeks Dreambike is a GT Distortion (L) bike, all the money raised from the eBay auction will benefit Hans Rey's Wheels 4 Life non-profit charity. The Dreambike project consists of 13 custom-built bicycles. The goal is to raise enough money with the sales of these Dreambike to buy Wheels 4 ...    Read More »

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ITM Millenium Stem OK for MTB Use?

Hello, Hope this is the right spot to post this question. If not, sorry. This past weekend I "upgraded" my old beat up fork with a used one I got off Ebay. The steerer tube was a bit shorter than my previous fork, and even after ditching all of the spacers, I found my stack height 1-2mm too ta ... Read More »

ITM`s "the stem" for a MTB?

I`m in the market for a new stem and have been searching the web for light weight ideas. Has anyone had first hand experience using "the Stem" on their MTB? With a weight of 95 claimed grams, would it be strong enough for roots, rocks etc.? Oh... I`d be using it upside down to take advantage of the ... Read More »

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ITM Product Categories


Uniko Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 220.00


Forged Lite Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.50
Forged Lite Luxe 0
0   Reviews
$ 60.00
Millenium 4 Ever 0
0   Reviews
$ 115.00
Millenium Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 84.99
Millenium Threadless 0
0   Reviews
$ 120.00
Uniko Carbon Super Over 0
0   Reviews
$ 320.00

Water Carrier

Pathom Carbon 0
0   Reviews
$ 39.99




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