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Mavic Crossmax SLR 29, Crossmax ST 29 and Crossride Disc 29 Wheelsets

Mavic held a special media luncheon for the launch of three new 29er wheels: the XC oriented Crossmax SLR 29, the trail oriented Crossmax ST 29 and the budget oriented Crossride 29. The wheels were designed with specific development goals in mind. The Crossmax SLR 29 features thicker spokes vers ...    Read More »

Drift Innovations HD170 Review

The Drift Innovations HD170 is a rugged outdoor sports video camera, that is easy to use. It has an excellent usage factor, combining loud indicator beeps for mode changes, a fully rotatable lens and a useful LCD screen, that does horizontal alignment and recorded viewing. The camera records high de ...    Read More »

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best price on ism peak?

hi out there,new to the forum,lots of good info!.can anybody tell me where toget a good price on a ism peak saddle? i'v been having that pain that i have heard so much about. the cheapest i'v found is $125.00.cann any one help me out? thanksRead More »

ISM Saddles for MTB

Anyone have any experience with ISM saddles for the MTB? I love my ISM Road on my tri bike and the stock saddle on my MTB is killing me. The ISM website recommends either the Prolouge or the Peak. Anybody have any reviews, suggestions, comments, complaints? Thanks!Read More »

Saddles: ISM vs. Selle Italia SMP ?

Does anyone use or have tried either of these two saddles? "Down Under" issues are forcing me to re- evaluate my saddle needs. The fore- mentioned look to be the best choices from what I can tell. They aren't cheap though and most places won't let you return them once used. From what I have heard th ... Read More »

ISM Adamo Peak Saddle

Well, my trusty old specialized BG Pro Ti saddle is just about finished and it's time to get a new saddle. I've been using the Adamo Podium and Racing saddles on my Road & Tri bikes and love them. I was thinking about trying out their mtb version, the Peak. Has anyone here tried it? There are no ... Read More »

ISM Adamo or Peak

Has anyone tried one of these?? [url]www.ismseat.com[/url] I have had no issues as far as.... uh ..... performance of critical parts but sure do get some serious pressure... have tried three different saddles (and yes they are set up correctly) and am only able to lessen the pressure. ISM cl ... Read More »

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