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Dean and Ionic do not warrantee rust

OK, it's been ages since this problem started but I have had enough. About 2-3 years ago I bought a frame from Ionic, which some of you may know are the steel side of Dean bikes. I'd say about 6 months after I got the frame I noticed unusal colouring around the stops, which looked like rust was fo ... Read More »

Ionic warranty experience?

Has anyone had any experience dealing with ionic/dean on a warranty type issue. I have an Ionic johhny rotten SS and the seatstay is bent (possibly cracked) at the top side of the disc mount. I've heard some stories about their poor CS. I just sent them an email, hopefuly they'll repair or replace ... Read More »

Gunnar / Ionic

Hello I've narrowed my search for a new 29er frame down to Gunnar and Ionic. Do any of you have any input you'd like to make about these two brands to help me decide? I'm interested to hear about all aspects. Ride quality, paint finish etc. Even if you don't have a 29er but have some experi ... Read More »

New Dean/ Ionic SS

Hey there, I just recieved my new Dean/ Ionic steel singlespeed. It is very nice! nice smooth welds! Slider drops... i am going to build it up this weekend and post some picks. the guys at Dean were great to deal with. you simply can not beat the price for a hand made steel frame!Read More »

Ionic Billy cranks or Caramba double barrels?

hey guys...new to the forum...I'm looking for a set of Ionic Billy cranks or Caramba double barrels. anyone out there have a set for sale?Read More »



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