Just In: iON Air Pro 3 Action Camera

The recently released iON Air Pro 3 is an action cam with some great features like built-in Wi-Fi, built-in waterproof casing, light weight and a sleek profile. Here is our unboxing first impressions.   Read More »

Review: Bontrager Ion 700

It is a tiny light that is manufactured to the highest standards. It is a bright light in a tiny package. It'll fit on your bars, your helmet or in your pocket. At the price of $100, it trumps all of the competition in the 700 Lumen category.   Read More »

iON Air Pro 2 Action Camera

iON is a sponsor of the Dew Tour SF and they showed us their new Air Pro 2 action camera that is waterproof right out of the box, Wi-Fi enabled and has vibration to tell you when it's on and off.    Read More »

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Nicolai ION 16 Set-Up Database

Nicolai ION 16 owners please post your setups. Potential owners view, compare, drool & gain insight etc! [URL="http://nicolai.net/"]Nicolai Linky[/URL] Also "no flames please" you can do that on other posts or create a new one if you need to vent, let this be an information data base to ass ... Read More »

Sizing - Trek Ion CX

Hello, I'm new to this CX thing, but I am pretty set on ordering an Trek Ion CX this week. I know there are some better bikes out there for the money, but through my local shop and former employer, to me looks like the best option. I cant seem to figure out size on this thing. I'm 6'4" pretty ave ... Read More »

Ion 18: Year One

So I've been riding my Nicolai Ion 18 for just under 1 year and thought it might be a good time to do a quick write up on my general thoughts, opinions and experiences with this machine. Here's a quick pic to show build: [ATTACH=CONFIG]773231[/ATTACH] The only difference since that picture was ... Read More »

Charging MS li ion packs with a Hobby charger.

This charger has been mentioned several times. [url=http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__14857__HobbyKing_50watt_5A_X_Charger_Balancer.html]HobbyKing 50watt 5A X-Charger/Balancer[/url] Is this just a plug-n-play with the Magicshine style battery packs? ( or do I have to program it? And if ... Read More »

Care and feeding of Li-ion batteries

With all the new clone systems and batteries posted here...as well as the brand name systems...I was wondering what people are doing to keep their batteries going and getting the best life out of them. I'm looking for real world experience and advice.....as opposed to cutting and pasting from a M ... Read More »

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