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22 bikes, 14 riders, three days–welcome to Mtbr's first ever Enduro Compare-O

Mtbr’s biggest bike test ever is about to explode…Get the 411 on what we’ll be rolling out on a daily basis over the next month.   Read More »

X-Fusion / Intense Roadtrip'n in Europe

After Ryan Condrashoff was injured at the US Open, Kieran set off to Europe as the only rider for X-Fusion/ Intense. He had a few rough weekends, which shows just how tough racing DH at the international level can be. We are glad he is staying healthy and is able to travel to Maribor to collect h ...    Read More »

X-Fusion/ Intense at the US OPEN

[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/clip:4894810[/vimeo] X-Fusion/ Intense attended the 2009 US Open of Mountain Biking last weekend and had a very eventful weekend. There were lots of highs and lows this weekend. One of the lows being Ryan Condrashoff, one of the team leaders suffered a crash in DH practic ...    Read More »

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