Primal Wear Interbike 2013

Keith Bailey from Primal Wear discusses the Helix, Summer Race Cut and Black Label jerseys and how Primal gives back through advocacy, charity and youth cycling.    Read More »

Review: Tate Labs Bar Fly 2.0

Bar Fly 2.0 mount for Garmin Edge computers, with one bolt clamp, two-position interface, user-friendly Derlin plastic construction and lifetime guarantee!   Read More »

First Look: 2014 FOX TALAS

The complete TALAS redesign gives better ride performance and alterable travel settings, and it utilizes an updated air spring and a new travel adjustment system and fewer seals.   Read More »

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IFP pressure tuning on inline shocks.

Hello from Portugal. 5th element air and Manitou Swinger 3way have an adjustable IFP pressure valve (recomended pressures around 50 Psi min to 175PSI max), which affects the pedal platform and high-speed threshold damping. Since RS, Fox, X-fusion, (...) inline shocks have IFP pressures around ... Read More »

racer X Seatpost? Layback or inline

Getting the parts for my Racer X which arrives next week. Not sure about the seatpost. Going to run an I beam. I'm just under 5'11". Will run either a 70 or 90 stem ( got both of those) 170 cranks (I'm a spinner) Flat bars and bar ends. What are you gus running? I'm only just re-venturing into ... Read More »

Retrofitting "banjo" 765 dual control to fit inline 775 calipers

I have Shimano XT Dual Control 765 shifter/brake combo and want to use a new set of 775 XT calipers. The 765 XT calipers use a "banjo" fitting on the caliper end. They will not fit the 775 calipers which use an "in-line" fitting. My question is can I use the same hose or do I need another newer ... Read More »

Inline switch ideas?

I am getting tired of having to tear down my brightest homebrew lighting setups due to crappy-assed switches failing. I have decided that an inline switch, even if they’re just as delicate as the non-inline ones, will be easier to replace. Any suggestions as to which [b]weatherproof[/b] SPST a ... Read More »

Inline switches

Anyone got any good links to inline switches, such as those on batteryspace? [IMG][/IMG] [url][/url] My requirem ... Read More »

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