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NAHBS Photos - Moots, Form, Priority Cycles and more

I have been attending the North American Handmade Bicycle Show since 2006 when it was in San Jose. It was in San Jose again in 2007 and the Mtbr crew traveled to Portland for a great show in 2008. Indianapolis, IN and Richmond, VA were too far for our travel budget, but we attended again in Austin ...    Read More »

Bike Press Camp 2011 - The Future of Cycling Media Events

June 20-24, 2011 - Deer Valley Resort - Park City, Utah For the third year in a row, Mtbr and RoadBikeReview.com will be attending a cycling industry event known as Bike Press Camp. We will be taking many photos and videos of the latest and greatest bikes, gear and accessories. Besides meeting ...    Read More »

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DW Link - Independant Drivetrain (I-Drive) comparison

I dunno, maybe someone out there might benefit from my real-world comparison between DW Link and the GT Independent Drivetrain, fomerly known as I-drive. I've been riding a DW Link bike for about 2 years- an Iron Horse MkIII. I recently broke the rear triangle a second time and decided the heck wi ... Read More »

How does the Independant Drivetrain work?

I suppose this has probably been asked before, but i've searched the forums quite thoroughly, and on the web too, and i can't find in depth info on [I]how [/I]this design works, only [I]what [/I]it does, and basic principles behind it. I'd like to know what actually goes on, in detail. Eg. In all ... Read More »

Independant Mechanics

Just curious... Has anyone used someone like this? [url]http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/865157700.html[/url] Just wonderin'Read More »

Independant Rear Triangles? What's the difference?

I have been wondering for a while what the major aspects of the suspension seperate linkages such as VPP, DW Link, and Maistro (the giant one)? All I seem to come up with are people saying that one is better than the other because it feels better. I suppose I am wondering about the theoretical diffe ... Read More »

Air Backed Independant Floating Piston= Brain Explode.

So what's going on with the 2007 Nixon Intrinsic and its "air backed independent floating piston" jargon, and why will this make it efficient. I've looked all over manitou's site and i can't find jack all about this new tech (or is it old with a new name :confused: ) So would someone like to give ... Read More »

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