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Hygia Usagi Brake sets on sale

I thought about posting this in the Best Deals forum but figured mostly weight weenies would be interested. I ordered the full Usagi set from the Hygia website shop live section for $120 plus $35 shipping. Available in black or white and normally $219. The best price currently on Ebay is $192 with f ... Read More »

Will any hydraulic brake line do? ie, is hose brand-specific (Hygia SLP Disc)

Got Hygia SLPs for my 29er build but the provided rear cable is too short by about three inches. Will any hydraulic hose work (I have the appropriate olives and nuts) or is hydraulic hose brand-specific? Rep points to anyone who knows...Read More »

Hygia Aspire hose?

I picked up a set of Aspires for my DJ bike and need a longer rear hose for bar spins and things. Any idea what other brand hoses will work or what fittings I will need?Read More »

new upgrades: Hygia brakes and Hylix fork

Just added a few new parts to my WW ride, and thought I should share my results. Biggest change was the Hygia SLP brakes. I orginally built the bike up with Avid v-brakes, then switched to KCNC v-brakes and i-link cables looking for better braking performance and keeping the bike light. The brakes ... Read More »

Hygia Bleed nipple size?

Looking at ordering a set of the Elite Carbons and know I will have to cut the lines. Trying to find out if anyone knows the size of the bleed nipple so i can order a couple and then build my own bleed kit off that. Saw in another thread that referenced a Deore version available at Cambrina but ... Read More »


Hygia Product Categories

Disc Brake System

ASP-IE E-Bike 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Aspire 4
3   Reviews
Elite 4.89
9   Reviews
SLP (Super Light Project) 3.33
3   Reviews
$ 0.00
Usagi 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00


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