Hydros Filtering Water Bottle

Every so often, an item comes across my desk that isn't directly a mountain bike product specifically, but may be of interest to the general outdoor person. The Hydros Filtering Water Bottle is one of those products. It is targeted towards every day use for the commuter, camper, hiker or gym goer. ...    Read More »

Review: 2014 Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc

If you could have one – and only one – bike, the CruX Elite EVO might just be the choice.   Read More »

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talk me out of it- BB7s to SLX hydros

I have been on BB7s forever and I think I want to get something with more power. I have no problem bleeding and adjusting mtb brakes, I do it all day at work. I have Avid SD Ultimate levers, 180mm front and 160mm rotors, plain ol Shimano housing and organic pads currently. I can get the SLX 675 brak ... Read More »

poor performance from clarks hydros, help

Hi, i am new to hydros and recently got some clarks skeletal hydros but seem to have poor performance from the rear.When i checked the reservoir it seemed to have some foreign bodies in it, would this be the cause?. I cant get the rear to lock at all while riding and the lever goes in all the way an ... Read More »

Caliper shim? (new to hydros)

I was reading a thread in a different forum where a lot of posters were advocating for the use of a caliper shim when the front wheel is off during transportation. Should I have received one of these shims when I purchased my new bike or is it something you buy aftermarket? ThanksRead More »

Shipping a bike with hydros - any precautions needed?

When I say shipping, I mean in a cargo container, half way around the world. And it's going to spend some time on a semi running across the US as well. My avid elixir 1 system has been very good to me for the past year and a half, but I suspect that the fluid may expand a bit once it's all heated up ... Read More »

hydros from ebay

I ve found nice prices for shimano hydraulic discs on ebay but i have noticed they all come from china. Why so low prices? Are they fakes or defects?Read More »

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