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BetterRide Releases Expanded 2013 Summer Schedule for Skills Camps

Becoming a better mountain biker is something we all wish we could do, but seldom do anything about. But just stop for a minute and think how much more fun your weekend rides would be if you could hit that double you've had your eye on for months. Think how easy those big drops would be if you had ...    Read More »

Grab The Gold - Snack Bar

I've been eating Grab The Gold snack bars for over two years now and they continue to be one of my favorite energy snacks. I first learned about them at my local gym after spin class. Since that time, I've seen them offered in more and more locations including select bike shops. The gold packagin ...    Read More »

@cme FlatFree "Disaster-Proof" Wheelsets Offers Free Shipping in November

Hurricane Sandy Highlights Need for No-Flat Tire Systems Fullerton, CA (CFEpr+) Nov. 2, 2012 - @cme FlatFree Wheel Systems is making their pre-mounted wheel and tire sets available with no shipping costs for the month of November, in reaction to the cycling needs of Hurricane Sandy victims and peop ...    Read More »

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Chopper Ride On Hurricane Rim Trail.....

A rider was airlifted out of China Town Wash on the Hurricane Rim Trail at about 1400 hours today. Hoping he/she is ok. If you know this rider let us know how they're doing and send them our best wishes for a speedy recovery.Read More »

More classic Hurricane Rim?

So I finally rode the entire Hurricane Rim loop a couple weeks back and it was super sweet! One of the best rides I have ever done for sure. The only negative at all was the boring dirt road climb to get to the Goulds Singletrack... We all kinda mentioned how strange it was to not have a continuous ... Read More »

Moab or Hurricane in the Rain?

Been planning a trip for a while with some buddies. We are heading down to UT tomorrow and hoping to ride 2 days in Utah before heading to Sedona. Looks like we can expect rain on Friday and Sat.:madman: I had been leaning toward Hurricane, but Jem is no good in the rain, and cant get up the road ... Read More »

29er HT road trip: Moab, Hurricane, or Sedona help me pick 2

Planning a road trip from Boise to Phoenix in early march. We can spend 2 days at 2 of these three locations. Moab, Hurricane, Sedona. Been to Moab 2x in March loved Sovereign and Porcupine (it was snowed in the second time). I think I am starting to get a bit board with Moab in the spring. ... Read More »

Team Hurricane 2013

I'm proud to announce our team for 2013, Team Hurricane is back after a 10 year hiatus. Team Hurricane is sponsored by Detroit Auto body, InHouse Suspension and Defeet. We are based out of Big Bear Lake and La Verne in Southern California. We will race most of the local races (So. Cal), Sea Otter a ... Read More »

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Hurricane Product Categories

Bike Rack

Forkup 3.25
12   Reviews
$ 47.00

Front Shock

QR 20 ForkUp 5
3   Reviews
$ 38.00


HPV Dual Mini Pump 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Micro Mini 3.5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00




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