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Is a DT Hugi 240 with 355 Crest rims to Easton E90 Carbon wheels an upgrade?

I have been looking at some Easton 29er XC 90 wheels for (gulp) $1,614.00. Is that a weight loss or performance gain? Thanks.Read More »

Conversion for dt Swiss Hugi front hub

Hi All, I just bought these on the bay. I may have gotten screwed as I thought it would be cheap/easy to convert them to either standard QR or 9mm rws. Does anyone know if these use standard dt swiss conversion caps?Read More »

Question about older Hugi hubs

Hi guys, I already x-posted this on the Wheels and Tires forum, but there was hardly a stampede of people answering my question... I have a bike, actually my brother's bike, a Clark-Kent from 1994, with an old DT-Hugi rear hub with 18 points of engagement. Recently, I saw that DT now offers a simple ... Read More »

36pt engagement upgrade for older Hugi hub?

Hi wheel experts, I have an older bike with a correspondingly old (1994, 18 years and counting!) Hugi rear hub, which still is in fine shape, but only has 18 clicks per rotation. So- I saw that Hugi has an upgrade kit which doubles your engagement points to 36. Does anyone know if this will work on ... Read More »

new bearings for Hugi Compact?

Anyone know the sizes off-hand? Need to order up some, unless there's another reason my rear hub suddenly developed left-to-right slop...Read More »



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