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Anybody running a Hopey steering damper?

I've been wondering about this for a while and want to know if anybody is running a Hopey steering damper on their tandem? If so I sure would like some feedback. Any info would be helpful. We've been riding a lot of trails lately with switchbacks and my upper body is getting worked. I'm thinking th ... Read More »

Hopey damper on SL

Hi Ibis folks, I have the opportunity to buy an ibis sl frameset locally. Lucky me, however, I run Hopey steering dampers on all my bikes, currently on my giant reign, which has the same zero stack headset bearing set as the mojo, (I think). Anyhow, does anyone perceive any issues with one on a moj ... Read More »

Hopey Steering Damper + Era FSR Carbon...

So, we are thinking of getting my wife a new Era FSR Carbon Expert bike, because she can get a great deal on one. I don't really know much about the headset, though, so does anyone know if it will be much trouble to move her Hopey Steering Damper over to the new bike? Would I need to order a diffe ... Read More »

Hopey steering damper + Fatbike + SC32 = Pass or Fail ?

I mainly Beach ride on my Pug and I find that riding through Rockpools is fun and at times Scary ! I`ve known about the Hopey Steering Damper for some time :- [url]http://www.hopey.org/default2.php[/url] I seem to remember that a few people have them on Fatbikes. I would be grateful for ... Read More »

SC32 and Hopey streering damper?

Hi Guys, is anyone running this combination? Does it work well and is it easy to install with this fork? Thanks, Dr FG :thumbsup:Read More »



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