Not Cool Mr Honey Stinger on BCT this morning

To the rider... who dumped the Honey Stinger pack at the top of the 2nd climb from Emery Henderson. NOT COOL!:nono: I was the up hill rider as you descended down toward Table Mesa road. When I rode by earlier that morning the trail was clean. Then I crested the hill I saw it. [AT ... Read More »

Honey Stinger Waffle!

I love these things, and wanted to spread the word. :D Its like a little waffle cookie from heaven. Big reasons why i like them: 1. Bang for Bite. A lot of energy in a little package. 2. FAT! it has more of this than simple carbs, so it takes a bit longer to burn off. 3. Not overly sweet/suga ... Read More »


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Gel Tubes 5
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