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How To: Building strength for mountain biking

Professional mountain bike skills instructor Lindsey Voreis shares 8 great moves to get you ready to ROCK on your mountain bike this summer.   Read More »

News: Cannondale OverMountain Team To Race SuperMax Fork in EWS

We’ve tried a couple of Lefty forks this past winter and were left impressed. It is just uncanny how a light, single-legged fork can be so stiff laterally and precise steering-wise.   Read More »

Gear Review: Giro New Road Women's Apparel

Giro targets women with its daring, mountain bike capable, New Road line of casual looking, but technically serious cycling apparel. See if they hit the mark or come up short.    Read More »

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thigh and hip protection

Hey I was looking for under shorts and didn't find any that looked decent does anyone use a football girdle?Read More »

Localized swelling at impact site (hip) appeared week later...

First off, I do have an appointment with a physician in a week (earliest available), but wondered if someone could proffer an explanation for my issue in the meantime. I crashed hard in a race two weeks ago, smashing down on my hip and shoulder. Sat stunned for a minute, then got up and rode a lap ... Read More »

Back from Hip Surgery Passion

How about some stories of riders who've had hip surgery (cam impingement, hip replacement or resurfacing etc.) and returned to riding? It must be a sweet passion, when once you were in so much pain and could no longer ride. My story - I was recently diagnosed with FAI. Cam Impingement in my rig ... Read More »

Total Hip Replacement

Bike everyday, 54 year old male, a little overweight but relatively fit. Going in for total hip replacement on Monday. I know I will return to biking ASAP, but not quite sure of a time frame at this point. Anyone had one and how quickly did you return?Read More »


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