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Visiting Hershey PA, Bringing MTB

Hello, I'm from Niagara Falls, and will be in Hershey for a few days this week, and I'd like to sample some of the riding in the area. Currently, my plan is to do two rides, a shorter ride at Swatara on Wednesday, and a longer ride at Rattling Creek on Thursday. A search brings up quite a b ... Read More »

Hershey Racing hubs - need help please

So it seems the rear hub of my Hershey wheelset is missing a crucial part on the driveside -- the part of the axle that sits in the dropout. A Google search for Hershey hubs didn't help. I did find a scan on mombat, but I can't glean any details from it. Anyone know what I need to source, or have ... Read More »

Terry Hershey conditions

I searched but didn't see a thread specific to this (if I just didn't have the right keywords, moderators please feel free to attach to correct thread). With the given rain Houston's gotten the month of July I was wondering if anyone's been able to ride the off-road side of THP? We've been switchin ... Read More »

Going to wipeout Terry Hershey Trails!!!

I just heard today that the county is going to open the flood gates and flood out the bayou along The Ant Hills and raise the water level enough so that it will wipe out the trails. WTF!!!????Read More »

Terry Hershey park roadies. CALL IT!

Your supposed to call out "On Your Left" when us non leg shaving fat tire riders are dodging the joggers and the old folks walking their dogs without a leash. Actually clipped bars with some dumb arse today and he looked back at me like I did something wrong. :madman: No more putting in at Hig ... Read More »





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