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Expanding Fatbike Market Carries Big Momentum at Interbike

You couldn't go far at Interbike without encountering something fatbike. Whether crushing gravel at Outdoor Demo, blasting through barriers at Cross Vegas or taking up square footage in trade show booths, product offerings continue to grow.   Read More »

2013 Salsa Cycles - El Mariachi limited ed, Colossal and Beargrease

QBP is the largest bicycle parts distributor in the US. Every year, they hold their SaddleDrive event to give bike shops a first look at the bikes, parts and gear that they stock with a focus on the brands that QBP owns like Salsa Cycles and Surly. Shown here are a few photos of 3 new Salsa bicycles ...    Read More »

Minnesota Bike Builders Unite for NAHBS

Creative Community Gets Minnesota Island at Richmond NAHBS Custom Bicycle Builders Unite to Attend Key Marketing Opportunity Summary: A group of six Minneapolis bicycle makers have pooled resources to reduce costs for their annual journey to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. In doing so th ...    Read More »

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If the 11speed hed is compatible with 10speed cassette?

[FONT=arial][COLOR=#333333]Can I know if the 11speed hed is compatible with 10speed cassette? does it come with the spacer if it is...[/COLOR][/FONT]Read More »

HED Carbon Fat Wheels

[url=http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/02/25/hed-teases-carbon-fiber-tri-spoke-fat-bike-wheels/]HED Teases H3 Carbon Fiber Tri-Spoke Fat Bike Wheels - Bike Rumor[/url]Read More »

HED 45 carbon wheels

Anyone have a set of HED DH 45mm carbon wheels. from back in the 90s? Trying to find a set for a 90s build. I want to build a replica of a bike i seen with these on them. Any help would be much appreciated.Read More »

Star Fangled Nut Vs Hed Doctor/compressor/stem Lock/head Lock

I am thinking of installing a star fangled nut just so that I can have enough compression to hold the stem in place to lock it such that there is not play in the forks. I just replaced a new fork and decided to use a hed doctor and am having trouble installing the fork correctly. There are pro ... Read More »

HED 45 rims

Anyone have or heard of any experience with HED 45 rims? Thanx!Read More »

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