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Review: MIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor

If you dislike using chest strap monitors the Alpha is a real winner, and toss in its ease of use, the ability to pair up with iPhone fitness apps via Bluetooth Smart 4.0, and its extremely accurate readings, all which combine to make the MIO Alpha a feature laden and functional heart-rate monitor.   Read More »

Spurcycle's Ringer Lets You Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

San Francisco-based Spurcycle has taken to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to raise money to produce the Ringer–an entirely US-made minimalist bike bell for the serious cyclist.   Read More »

Video: Heart and Soul by Daniel Sandoval

Let's mix it up today and feature a video with twenty inch wheels. BMX after all seems to be the training ground for most of the great mountain bike dirt jumpers. Watch Daniel Sandoval ride and it is obvious that he is artistic and powerful.   Read More »

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Heart rate question comparing race from last year?

So I did a local XC race (Male Age 43) this week and did well compared to last year. I raced the Beginner Male class (2 lap race), same start time just like last year to see where I'd stack up. The course being about 3.5 mile loop. Anyhow, last year I ended up 21st out of 25. This year I finishe ... Read More »

race with heart rate monitor?

I don't usually ride w/ HRM, - I usually forget in my rush to get out the door. I'm doing a longer race tomorrow, with more climbing than I'm used to. I'm pretty good at feeling my pace/effort, but I'm wondering if tomorrow would be a good time to start racing with the HRM. What do you guys do? ... Read More »

Found: Heart Rate Monitor Strap @Betasso

If you lost your heart rate monitor strap at Betasso on Tues. night - PM me and I'll get it back to you.Read More »

Need a heart rate monitor

Been looking at this for a while and watching ot get some input from you guys. I've seen some that will tell you if you are burning fat (my goal) or calories. Which i think is pretty neat, only found one that did this (Polar CS300).Read More »

Dher at heart seeks most fun way to link GJ trails?

Gonna be coming out in a few weeks and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good trails that can be linked up for lots of ROI. I don't mind climbing but wanna get paid back for it. As the title suggests, I live for the downs(long ones preferrably) but will put in the pain for it. Thanks for ... Read More »

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