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Marin Headland or Railroad Grade for Saturday?

Anyone ridden either one of these trails this past few days? I dont like muddy trails. Can someone give a ride report? All weather forecast stations this morning suggested rain will hit south bay up to San Mateo only. Seems perfect to ride these two semi-northbay~ish trails since they had the ... Read More »

Skeggs or Marin Headland condition?

Anyone rode there these past few days? I am hoping to do it on Tuesday if it will be dry enough for a semi fun ride. Thanks.Read More »

Marin Headland Extended trail- What is your usual route?

What is the best route for Marin headland? I did it twice before going down Coastal trail, cross the road, up Miwok-->Old Spring-->Marincllo-->Bobcat-->back up Coastal. Anyone ever try the extended loop trails on Tennesee valley? i.e. Coastal trail, coyote Ridge, Middle Green Gulch-->Miwok and b ... Read More »





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