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Mission trails hazard

Went down Mr Toads this morning and someone had put brush, bushes and branches all over the trail. There were even a couple holes that looked purposely dug. Why?Read More »

Late shuttle to Hazard this Saturday

Teaching a class until 11 am, have 2 people looking to shuttle late up to hazard if we can find 2 more (for Porcupine Shuttle). Thinking around noon to 1:00....anyone?Read More »

2012 Trails Closed Due to Fire Hazard??

Was thinking about this in the last few days. With nil for snow pack here in Kingston and the reality of some trails being rideable already. Plus need to add in that water levels seem pretty low. I don't think thios bodes well this year. With it drying out so quickly in areas already will we be ... Read More »

Bobsled Tree Hazard

Apologies if this is old news. There is a large tree branch blocking Bobsled, about midway down just above the intersection near Perry's Hollow. Its behind a curve in a pretty wide open section and could be hard to avoid at speed. I was unable to drag it out of the way -- might take a few peo ... Read More »

FYI: CT through Summit Co. hazard tree mitigaton

[url]http://summitcountyvoice.com/2011/07/21/summit-county-look-out-for-logging-on-colorado-trail/[/url]Read More »





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