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Round-Up: Four polar vortex-fighting mountain bike shoes to keep your feet warm and dry

We test four different winter MTB shoes to find the ideal kicks for wet, muddy and sub-freezing conditions.   Read More »

Review: 2014 Specialized CruX Elite EVO Rival Disc

If you could have one – and only one – bike, the CruX Elite EVO might just be the choice.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: Fat Bikes. Meh.

Does the added expense and time investment of buying and maintaining a fat bike justify its overall fun and usefulness?    Read More »

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Question for the hardcore Wiss riders

My question is: Now that we have all the reworked trail and added trail, what is a fast time for completing the entire loop? [By entire loop, I mean starting at VG and riding c-clock to Bells Mills, to Forbidden Drive/Lincoln Drive trail head parking, to VG.] For a few years now, I mostly been ... Read More »

grove hardcore

hi, i got a grove hardcore fork, no frame only the fork. got they different lenght from axle to crown at the different sizes? if someone here got a frame only i would be very happy if i could buy one.Read More »

buying grove hardcore

Looking for a grove hardcore frame, anyone here who knows where´s one for sale shop...? 17" 18" 19" where ok. cheers florianRead More »

Turquoise ODI Yeti Hardcore Grips

Anyone know where to find these? Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk 2Read More »

Giant trance x: Hardcore use!! NEW VIDEO!!!

Hi everyone this my new video recorder in this long weekend in my conuntry (chile) [url=http://vimeo.com/39941898]Sabado en 2 ruedas on Vimeo[/url] thnaks everyone, ENJOY!!!!!Read More »

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