The Angry Singlespeeder: 560 miles to Sea Otter the Hard Way

Imagine the beautiful simplicity of a five-day trip where your entire existence is focused on only three things: riding, eating and sleeping.   Read More »

Project Bike: Danish man builds son coolest balance bike ever

When Kasper Albrekt decided to get a bike for his young son Jakob, he had trouble finding one that got him excited. So the Danish bike shop guy turned a Specialized Hotwalk into the “S-Walk”—quite possibly the world’s coolest kickbike.    Read More »

Robbie Bourdon Crashes Hard in Argentina

Contour Moments from the production film "Where The Trail Ends" In this Contour Moment the crew is down in Argentina and Robbie Bourdon drops into a line that looks nothing like what someone might ride a bike down. After completing the top section he drops into a tight chute with a mandatory cliff ...    Read More »

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Enjoyng my new 2014 Hard Rock Sport Disc 26

[ATTACH=CONFIG]821053[/ATTACH] Ive been riding bikes, BMX, MTB, and Cruisers since I was maybe 6 years old. After a 2-3 year break of riding anything, I decided to get back in shape, and go have some fun. Picked up my Specialized 2014 Hard Rock Sport Disc 26" a couple of weeks ago and it's an absol ... Read More »

Would a hard-tail be ok for these trails.

I am going to get a new bike, and I am wondering if, dollars for donuts, a hard-tail will be good. Being 45 y/o, I am in good shape but I am not interested in anything too crazy. For me it's mostly about cardio endurance and nature. 95% of the trails I ride are Mr Toads in, Deer Dancer, Triple Barre ... Read More »

Slammed pretty hard today

Was riding at Fountainhead in Northern VA today and went over the bars going pretty fast in a rooty/rocky section and rashed and cut myself all up. Thankfully no broken bones or tears that I know about. Seven stitches in my forearm. Should be a fun couple of days to work through the initial soren ... Read More »

hard to find Shimano XTR SIS Shifter Cable Set

Why is it so hard to find Shimano XTR SIS Shifter Cable Set? Is this item discontinued & become retro? Looks like i'll have to buy overseas for $40 including shipping which is pretty good, no? An Amazon seller has it for $88 sheesh! [url= ... Read More »

Carbon hard tail

Would like to buy a carbon 29er hard tail. Currently have a FS bike but want the hard tail as a change of pace. Are there any 29ers that are "less stiff". I know that the design is more race oriented and therefore stiff frames, however are there any that are more compliant and easier on the body?Read More »

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