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Fortune Hanebrink All Terrain Electric Vehicle

Engineered and handcrafted 8000 ft above sea level in Big Bear Lake, California, FORTUNE HANEBRINK is the confluence of ingenuity, ecology, and luxury. Built out of the desire to ride 365 days a year, the capabilities of the HANEBRINK are as limitless as your own sense of adventure. Nearly 10 years ...    Read More »

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First Hanebrink ET

This photo of Dan Hanebrink was taken on Dan's very first ride of the first ET (Extreme Terrain) bike that he ever built in ( I think) the winter of '93. This first prototype used off-the-shelf ATV tires and on the snowy trails next to his Big Bear home it was immediately apparent that they were ... Read More »

No joy for Hanebrink fat bikes?

Why isn't there much, if any enthusiasm about the Hanebrink? First glance at the specs with 8" wide tires; one could gather it is the ultimate fat bike. Yet I recall seeing very little discussion about the (now) Fortune Hanebrink bike. Sure their main push seems to be the electric assist version, ... Read More »

UK Hanebrink alert !

Maximum UK Fat ! Just spotted this on Ebay :- [url]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/HANEBRINK-EXTREME-CUSTOM-BEACH-SAND-SNOW-BIKE-GERMANY-/320609502467?pt=UK_Bikes_GL&hash=item4aa5d0c503#ht_500wt_1156[/url] Disclaimer ......This isn`t mine and I don`t know anything about it or the seller.Read More »

Hanebrink made Descender survivor!

A very rare very early rear suspension bike resurfaces! In great survivor condition! This is what I have gathered: From Howleys pics of 1984 Repack there is one pictured so it's 83-84. It's the same as the 1984 MCR Descender from a MTBA mag scan from Repack Rider. Hanebrink made Descender frames ... Read More »

Is a Hanebrink ET vintage?

Always wanted one of these, found one for a decent price, so I went for it. Not a whole lot out there about these, so dont really know what year it is. I know the jack drive variants are the earlier ones, which this one is, but not sure when they stopped making them that way. It has Sachs power gri ... Read More »

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