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Southside Hampton Roads Trails??

besides Ipswitch. I live in Virginia Beach, and I'm sick of driving 100+ miles to Williamsburg every weekend to ride real trails. I mean it's worth it, but it's getting expensive. There is still a fair amount of terrain in town that has potential. Anyone know of any plans to build trails dow ... Read More »

Hampton Roads Va.

Just getting back into biking/trail riding. I've riding First Landing State Park, Ipswitch (Indian River Park). Looking to ride Battery Park in Carrolton Va. and some of the Williamsburg trails (mainly Freedom Park). Got a few friends I ride with, they're just not into riding like me. Looking to rid ... Read More »

Newport News/Hampton

Any folks out in the area that enjoy going for a ride? And at a [B][I][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][I][U]CASUAL[/U][/I][/FONT][/I][/B] pace. I am not one that rides like I am in training for some sort of race. I ride at a comfortable pace and enjoy what's going on around me.Read More »

Trails around Hampton roads and their conditions

I just moved down to the Hampton roads area and I was wandering about the surronding trails and their conditions. Any info on when you should avoid them. I'm use to riding in the midwest with a lot of clay based trails that need to be avoided even after moderate rain. Just want to make sure I tak ... Read More »

Coming back to Hampton Roads

After 8 years in the Pacific Northwest, I am headed back to the Hampton Roads area and wanted to check on what used to be my favorite trails and look for new ones. Back in the late 90s early 2000's I rode all the time at Harwood Mills, Waller Mill and York River State Park, Are those trails still ... Read More »





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