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GT Bikes, freeride, 1995?? Hammertime!

Didnt see this posted here, so I thought I should... [url=http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Old-School-Throwback-Hammertime.html]Old School Throwback: Hammertime - Pinkbike[/url] Maaan I wanted those Onza pedals...... PS: makes me think a little about how GT somehow squandered or possibly missha ... Read More »

Eddie Roman's Hammertime

MTB and BMX action featuring Mat Hoffman, Tim Fuzzy Hall, Brian Lopes, Chad Herrington, Eric Carter, Hans Rey, Dave Voelker, Ryan Vanderveen, Todd Lyons, Alan Foster and many others. Filmed in Utah, Oklahoma and California, Hammertime features some of the first MTB jumping including the first MTB ba ... Read More »

Hammertime on Vimeo

Here's an oldie but goodie: [URL="http://vimeo.com/3585895"]Hammertime[/URL]Read More »

ISDG / Hammertime

So, I have a Hammerschmidt coming for my ?? I can bolt it to my SOCOM and probably will do that, but I'm droolling over my new Tracer -- that would be sweet with a Hammer' too. Maybe sell the Tracer in the Spring and get a new Uzzi - will the Uzzi have ISDG tabs? Will the Tracer grow tabs? So ... Read More »


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ALLROAD Gripper Pedal 0
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$ 106.00
ALLROAD Gripper+ Pedal 0
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$ 118.00




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