Review: Fluid Sports Nutrition - Performance and Recovery Drinks

Fluid Sports Nutrition is a company from San Luis Obispo that offers Performance and Recovery drink mixes that are easy to digest, taste great and offer crisp, light refreshment.   Read More »

Lexco Stocks New Hammer Nutrition Flavors

Norridge, Illinois (July 9, 2008) “Fantastic!” Stupendous!” “Delicious!” The reviews are in on Hammer Nutrition’s favorite endurance fuels brand new flavors. HEED® Hammer’s real, effective sports drink goes completely fruity with its two new flavors: Strawberry and Melon. The subtle, yet refreshing ...    Read More »

Sonya Looney Rides the Mongolia Bike Challenge: Part 2 - The Harsh Reality

At 3 AM, the rain on the roof of the Ger finally stopped. The sky was inky and ominous as the morning sunlight suffocated behind the clouds. Cold rain was imminent.   Read More »

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Freezing Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem

I have an event this Sat and Sun where I'll be training all day Sat and Sun in 105 to 110 heat here in Phoenix. I was thinking of freezing two insulated water bottles with Hammer Perpetuem Anybody done it before? Of have any thought on if it will thaw even or concentrated?Read More »

First Endurance VS Hammer Nutrition

Ultragen vs Recovorite Prerace vs Race Day boost EFS vs Heed Whats your opinion?Read More »

Hammer Nutrition - Perpetuem??

I will be riding a 2 man 12 hour event this weekend aka I will be in the saddle for about 6 hours. At what point do I switch from straight HEED to Perpetuem? Do I start out and finish with just Perpetuem and forget the HEED? I don't get it.:confused:Read More »

Hammer VS. Infinit Nutrition

[B][COLOR="Red"]Has anyone tried both and come to a determination of which is better??[/COLOR][/B] I tried the Hammer perpetuem for a 24 hour solo mtb race last year and I did like it a gastric issues and it kept me going........BUT juggling the proper dose of perpetuem, gels, and electr ... Read More »

Hammer Nutrition Endurolyte Use During a Race

Hello, Just started to use the Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes to ward off cramping late in races. Do any of you guys and gals use it [I]during [/I]a race? If so what's the least awkward way to access the capsules and not fumble around with them? Thanks.Read More »

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