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Has anyone used GT85 lube?

Has anyone used GT85 lube? I read reviews online that indicate this lube is similar to WD40. This lube isn't recommend on chain since it is very thin. Is this lube as good as prolink lube ?Read More »

Spraying GT85 on suspension parts and fork seals

Hi everyone, is it okay to spray GT85 onto suspension pivots and linkages as well as fork stanchions and seals after washing the bike? Heard somewhere that GT85 would prevent the rubber seals from drying up but there are also riders that steer clear from it. What does everyone think?Read More »

GT85 as chain lube?

Earlier today I wanted to pick up some chain lube since my chain has been sounding a bit dry lately. Unfortunately, there was only one LBS open on a Sunday, so I wound up visiting them for the first time. The staff was incredibly friendly, but from the general atmosphere of the store it was rather a ... Read More »

WD40 / GT85 eats grease?

After a ride in very heavy rain and mud on Sunday I used Mucoff on my bike then washed it down with a bucket of hot water and a sponge. I dried the bike with a chamais. Bit of a noob question but I used Gt85 in pretty much every nook and cranny to 'drive out' the excess water. Fork legs, bottom ... Read More »





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