Review: SRAM X0 2x10 with Grip Shift

Introduction by Francis Cebedo: SRAM revolutionized drivetrains with their introduction of the modern 2x10 system a couple years ago. They wanted to give you more functionality with less complexity. They then went back to the archives to resurrect Grip Shift by perfecting its accuracy and shiftin ...    Read More »

All-New SRAM Grip Shift XX and XO

Introduction by Mtbr: Ahh, remember the good old days when we had choices when it came to shifters. One of earliest poll/vs. sections of Mtbr was 'Trigger shifter vs. Gripshift'.  It was fairly evenly split but most were just happy that there was choice and competition.  The old XRay shifters wer ...    Read More »

Featured User Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29er Full Suspension Bike

Featured User Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon 29er Full Suspension Bike by AK Chris Price: $2400.00 at LBS Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Bike Setup: 24.62 lbs - insane for a XL 29er. This is the lightest bike I've ever owned, amazing. Will drop below 24 with some ~1700g ...    Read More »

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10 sp X.0 Gripshift "grip" worn replacement part?

I have had the 2x10 X0 gripshift for about a year and the rubber grip on the shifter has worn out and is fraying/flaking off on the inside edge (shifter side not the handlebar grip side). I know the 9 speed gripshifts had all kinds of grip replacement parts and a bunch of fun colors. Any id ... Read More »

9 speed to 10 speed gripshift conversion, How hard would it be?

Ive been looking at the 9 speed gripshifters and trying to figure out how hard it would be to make them work for a 10 speed. The cable pull is controlled by an insert ring with ridges on it. [url=]Sram XO Grip Assy Left 3SP In ... Read More »

rotting Gripshift covers?

I have 2 sets of Sram Attack gripshift 9-speed twist shifters. One pair gets heavy use, while the other is on my "backup bike." The shifter covers have all become very gooey to the point of falling apart. Sram told me to buy all new shifters, which I doubt that I will do. Also they are almost imposs ... Read More »

New 3x Gripshift compatable with 2x setups?

I have a 2008 XT crank setup 2x with new 24/38 e13 rings, a new 3x Gripshift and an XO double front der. Also running an MRP 2x chainguide. The reason for the 3x Gripshift was, in theory, due to the spacing on the older XT crankset. Here's the deal- I can't get the shifting dialed in, it wants to ... Read More »

XX1 Gripshift

I´ve been reading and listening that the XX1 gripshift fails!? I´ve always used gripshift - my first bike had it installed - and i liked it and got used to it. I want to mount a XX1 but i´m having this doubt: trigger or gripshift. Can you guys using the gripshift give any feedback? ThanksRead More »

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