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Grimeca Disc brake Adaptor

I have a Grimeca Disc brake caliper that I am attaching to a Marzocchi Bomber DJ3 fork. The adaptor bolts straight down into the fork and the holes are 74mm center to center on the fork. The Grimeca brake caliper bolts on to the adaptor sideways and they are about 48 or 49mm center to center. The ro ... Read More »

Grimeca ?

Any body heard of these hubs? if so are they any good ? can anyone tell me about themRead More »

Grimeca system 8

I have Grimeca system 8 disc brakes on my bike. Does anyone know where I can find the owner's manual for these brakes? I can't find a website with any information on them.Read More »

Older Magura & Grimeca System 8's

Hey all, Two separate questions: 1.) I'm working on an old Cannondale Super V for a buddy, and it has a pair of older Magura Louise discs. All of the instructions I've been able to find show brakes with a seperate bleed screw, that these do not. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to bl ... Read More »

Grimeca Brake Pads

I Have Recently Purchased A Saracen Vapour Pro (year Unknown ) It Has A Grimeca Mechanical Front Disc Brake And The Pads Are Round And 22mm In Diameter Approx 6mm Thick With A 12mm Mounting Tab With A Single Screw Hole In It,the Rear Of The Pad Has A 3mm (approx ) Indentation , The Caliper Is Brigh ... Read More »





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