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The DVO Emerald Inverted DH Fork - Sexy, Green & Upside Down At Sea Otter

We visited with DVO Suspension at Sea Otter and finally got a chance to get up close and personal with their hot new Emerald Inverted downhill fork.    Read More »

Hot News: New 36 RC2 fork highlights FOX 2015 releases

Suspension-maker FOX announced a new version of their 36 fork as well as updates to their 40, 34 and 32 models in a 2015 product release this week. The company launched 40th anniversary heritage graphics and stealth models as well.    Read More »

Green Oil(TM) is the most ecological lube around.

No other chain lubricant is as environmentally friendly. Green Oil can be ordered from our site, to your door. Unlike other chain lubes, Green OilTM is safe, with no nasty orange symbols on the back: Green OilTM is not based on petrochemicals, and will biodegrade after its life on the chain. It lub ...    Read More »

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Question about Fox fork red/green oil

Hey guys, I have a Fox 32 Float 120 FIT RLC 15QR from 2011 (I believe), that has had the travel reduced by the original owner from 120mm to 100mm. I would like to return it to the original travel. I believe there's just a plastic spacer inside the fork, on the air spring assembly. I'm confident t ... Read More »

Fox 40 - Green and Red 10wt oil

Just wondering what brand Fox is using for their oil (ie: Rock Shox rebadges Maxima)? Wondering what would be the equivalent to a Fox Green 10wt oil and a Fox Red 10wt oil? Green = Torco RSF Medium? Silkolene Fork Maintain? Red = Silkolene Pro RSF 10wt? Anyone know the answer or what the cS ... Read More »

Better clinging oil than Fox's red and green oil ?

Hi, I bent over and purchased the Fox branded Red and Green oil$ for my 36 Float RC2 servicing. This goes against my thrifty nature, but I wanted to make sure I was using the right oil for my fork. But I remember reading somewhere that there is a better clinging oil which could be used. Sho ... Read More »

Using Fox Red 10wt oil instead of green?

So I'm servicing Fox F100RL (maybe 2004 model or so?) for a buddy of mine. I have the Fox Red 10 wt oil in my garage but noticed on Fox's website that I'm supposed to use Fox Green 10 wt oil. Anyone know if I can use the red in place of the green on an older Float???:confused:Read More »

FOX fork air pressure quetion. Green oil came out.

On the trail, i was releasing air pressure from my FOX fork to make it less stiff and at the time i didnt know the amount of air the shock holds so i relased too much air and this green color oil came out from the shreader valve. Did i mess anything up?? Is that green oil supposed to come out whe ... Read More »

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