22 bikes, 14 riders, three days–welcome to Mtbr's first ever Enduro Compare-O

Mtbr’s biggest bike test ever is about to explode…Get the 411 on what we’ll be rolling out on a daily basis over the next month.   Read More »

Video: Top 10 Tips For Buying Kids Bikes

The holidays are here and what better gift is there than buying your young one a bike. A bike is often a child's first sense of freedom and independence. So get them a bike that fits and get them on the path to a cycling lifestyle.   Read More »

Industry Nine - Torch Hubs, Ultralight, Enduro and Gravity Wheels

Industry Nine has been busy revamping their entire wheel, rim and hub lineup this year. They announced the x-country and trail oriented Torch series back in January, and they're now rolling out the Ultralight, Enduro and Gravity wheels.   Read More »

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Bikes Direct Sizing: Gravity 29.4 + review

Hi, this is my first post as a mtbr member. I'm doing this because I recently purchased a Gravity 29er from Bikes Direct .com. I really only had one problem with choosing my bike and that was the size, as I could not ride one first. I did alot of research on line and couldnt really find a definitive ... Read More »

Gravity 29 29er Single Speed Mountain Bikes feedback

wife got her specialized hybrid stolen, looking for a replacement that i could get some use out of too anyone have opinion on this bike? [ATTACH=CONFIG]800258[/ATTACH] [url=http://www.bikesdirect.com/products/gravity/g29ss.htm#specs]Save up to 60% off new Mountain Bikes - MTB - Gravity 29 ... Read More »

Bikes Direct Gravity G29 any thoughts

Been thinking about getting a rigid ss 29er for mostly road riding and liked the price $350 of the G29. I plan on pulling off the WTB Prowlers and probably putting some Schwalbe Big Apples on it then just riding. Main purpose for the bike will be 2 fold. Currently I just don't have time to loa ... Read More »

Gravity Zilla MCX (Bikes Direct) a review

So I had been looking for a do-it-all sorta all season blaster bike and came across the Gravity Zilla on BikesDirect.com. I know there are alot of CX purists that will inevitably poo poo this bike, but being on a tight budget and a bike wrench with 20 plus years of working experience, the Gravity s ... Read More »

Can anybody tell me about Bikes Direct's Gravity 29ONE bike?

I know it's not top shelf,but all I want to know is if it's OK for non-aggressive mainly flat trail riding. Thanks in advance. i don't want to go any further that 6or 7 hundred dollars pricewise, and I plan to only use the frame for myself, and transfer the rest of the parts to other builds. Just wa ... Read More »

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