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Graber Trunkrack 2?

I just got back from Dicks and I ended up leaving with the Graber Trunkrack 2. I was planning on getting a roof rack for my 09 Ford Focus Coupe SES, but it was going to be $500 and well getting ready to start college this august I don't have the largest amount of money to spend lol. But I ended up g ... Read More »

Graber Trunk Rack Question

I picked up a used Graber trunk rack at a rummage sale, but I have a question about the carrier arm holddown saddle that I am hoping somebody can answer. One of the carrier arms (right arm in the photo) has a standard holddown, but the left carrier arm has a sturdier holddown saddle that can either ... Read More »

feedback on Graber Outback rack

I have been looking at a Graber Outback Bike rack, but have not found any reviews on them. From the pictures that I have seen, it looks like 2 & 3 bike versions have different ways of securing the bike to the rack. Does anyone out there own one & care to comment on it? Thx.Read More »


Graber Product Categories

Bike Rack

1060S Spare Tire 0
0   Reviews
$ 84.99
Bike Bunk 0
0   Reviews
$ 109.99
Guardian II 3
4   Reviews
$ 109.99
Scout 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00


Mag 0
0   Reviews
$ 129.99




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