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The Angry Singlespeeder: Hippies, high schoolers, naked dudes and drunkards in the desert

The 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, dubbed as the “Burning Man of Bike Races”, captures everything that is amazing about mountain bike culture.   Read More »

Drift Industries Announces New, Faster Ghost-S POV Camera

With a new sensor, better lens, and faster video frame rate, the new Ghost-S POV camera increases the performance of the Drift Industries' Ghost camera line.    Read More »

Specialized Fatboy

Fatbiking is about fun, adventure, determination, accomplishment, and a little bit of insanity. Specialized has rolled all of this up into a nice package that makes me actually want to go out in 12 degree temperatures to ride in the snow.   Read More »

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Would you ride a tubeless tire with a Gorilla Taped sidewall tear?

I've got a practically brand new Specialized Ground Control 29x2.3 that I was running as a rear tire. I run tubeless and have done so for many years. I slashed the sidewall on the tire this weekend and had to put a tube in (no boot but should have used one) to get back home. This tire only has ab ... Read More »

Another Gorilla Tubeless Advice Thread

I've been running tubeless on my AM bike for a few years now, with no issues. This is with UST rims and "tubeless ready" tires. I'm definitely a fan of tubeless now, and decided to try and convert my DH setup to tubeless. My DH rims are non-UST Syncros DS32 rims, and I'm mounting "tubeless ready" ... Read More »

Holy gorilla tape...........

Just bought a set of used wheels to have as a spare and the previous owner had them setup tubless with Gorilla tape. The rear tape didnt look so good so I decided to peel it off both and start fresh with some stans yellow tape that I have. After peeling it off it left alot of the adhesive behind ... Read More »

Gorilla tape OVER Roval tape?

my rear Specialized Roval wheel has the tubeless tape / strip from Specialized but it leaks air (front is fine). Could I use a layer of gorilla tape on top of the Roval strip? or should I peel the roval strip off completely and replace with gorilla tape? I could also get some Stan's tape too... ... Read More »

Gorilla tape airtight immediately after install?

I'm about to take delivery of a new wheelset from Enve, which I understand includes Gorilla tape to cover the internal spoke holes to create an airtight seal for tubeless use, and was wondering if the tape is good to use immediately after it's installed or perhaps do I need to run tubes for a whi ... Read More »

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