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Paketa Magnesium Belt Drive Singlespeed 29er Review

By Kurt Gensheimer Uppers: Descends faster than the balance of your 401K Magnesium frame = light, durable and shock absorbent Handmade in Boulder, Colorado Custom built down to the last chainring bolt Gates belt drive is dead silent and bulletproof Downers: Low hanging bottom bracket = rock magn ...    Read More »

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Exhausted with tubeless goop.

Going to try my first tubeless set-up. Tired of worthless slime tubes. Lots of homework has left me still wondering which goop to use. Looks like the 24" split tube method will be most reliable for my 650b Neo-moto's and whineman's. I would just go with Stans, but I don't think removing big booge ... Read More »

Tubless Tires - can I add more goop without having to reset the bead

My tubeless wheel is not holding air. I tried using soapy water to find leaks but could not find any and I also tightened up the stem. It leaks enough that within 30 min of riding I need to add air. I'm planning to add some more sealant but had some questions first: Can I just pry the tire of ... Read More »

will tubeless goop freeze?

Can I leave my bike with tubeless setup in the back of my car over the winter? I ride at least two three times a week year round and like to leave the kit in the car for easy access. Will the Stan's brand freeze in the tire? Do I have to go back to tubes until we get back to warmer days?Read More »

anyone know how to get rid of goop?

had a major sealant squirt today, sprayed an even layer of sealant from the saddle all the way down to the bb. it got caked up with dust and mud and it wont come off with warm water and soap... its not stan's but i'm assuming its latex based too. is there anything out there that will remove it or me ... Read More »

Neat! do they make body armor with this goop?

[url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VDeJ7rLUYU&feature=player_embedded[/url]Read More »

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