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Goldtec servicing

Hi All, I buggered my Goldtec Sam rear hub and cant get to one of the bearings or freehub to check it, does anyone know how to get the freehub off? It is nigh on impossible! Their no longer in production and pretty old, but i love thee retroness and really dont want to get rid of them. Che ... Read More »

Burgtec & Goldtec hubs from the UK ?

Anyone have experience w/ these hubs ? I sent emails out for additional info. , other than stated on their websites. ThanksRead More »

Goldtec Hubs

Saw them on the BETD site. Anyone use them and have impressions? What is the engagement mech and the points of engagement?Read More »

Need info on Goldtec hubs

I'm trying to gather some information on the Sam & Draco Goldtec hubs. They look ok and are reasonably priced. The reviews here are quite dated tough. Anyone ride these hubs? How is the build quality? Sound levels? Any other issues I should know about? [url]https://www.betd.co.uk/category.asp?Ca ... Read More »

Goldtec Draco Hubs

Anyone have any experience with and/or know anything about either one of these hubs: [url]https://www.betd.co.uk/product_list.asp?CategoryID=37[/url] [url]https://www.betd.co.uk/product_list.asp?CategoryID=35[/url] I am looking at a new seatstay for my bighit, and apparently BETD makes one, ... Read More »



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