Gloworm and Xeccon at Taipei Cycle Show

Hi All Just thought we'd let you know that there is still humility in business, especially the light business! Vag and I recently attended the Taipei International Bicycle Show to check out new innovations and see in what direction the industry was headed. During our journey through the mas ... Read More »

Gemini Duo vs. Gloworm X2

Very interested in picking up one of these for use on my helmet...Love how low profile both of these lights are...I plan on using one of my old original MS on the bars...can anyone comment on which of these lights they prefer and why??? Kinda leaning toward the Gemini just because I'm not really s ... Read More »

Gloworm X1 - Single LED Light System

The highly anticipated [B]X1[/B] is the second light by Gloworm, [B]designed 100% in NZ[/B]. As the name suggests it is a single LED, XM-L U2 to be exact, driven by a switching regulator that is combined on the same PCB as the LED itself. The X1 gives out an astonishing [B]850 lumens from a unit ... Read More »

Gloworm X2 vs Gemini Duo vs Magicshine MJ-880U

I have been searching and have not found many comparisons of these lights, maybe since a few of them are fairly new, or my search skills just suck. I ride east cost technical single track. I'm looking for a good lightweight helmet light and found these 3. I know none of these have huge throw, but ... Read More »

Tough choice: XML-3 vs Olympia vs Gloworm X2

OK, so after a lot of reading and pondering, these 3 lights still all look VERY appealing to me, but I have money for just one. Here is my thinking, and mind you, I need a single handle bar light, preferring a smooth beam pattern and floody. [B]XML-3[/B] (259USD) good mount, can be rotated left r ... Read More »


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