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Compare-O Bottom Line: Scott Genius 710 offers many options to suit many riders

The Scott Genius 710 is an excellent climber and is a bike that you could use for racing Enduro or even XC Endurance races.    Read More »

Review: SRAM X0 2x10 with Grip Shift

Introduction by Francis Cebedo: SRAM revolutionized drivetrains with their introduction of the modern 2x10 system a couple years ago. They wanted to give you more functionality with less complexity. They then went back to the archives to resurrect Grip Shift by perfecting its accuracy and shiftin ...    Read More »

Liteville 301 MK 10 - First Impressions

I first saw the 301 at Sea Otter when the US rep Kenny Roberts let me take it out for a quick spin, and then in May when I was at the Magura press camp in Sedona, I procured it one afternoon when Kenny was sleepy away the day. I have been riding the Liteville 301 for a couple of weeks, and it ...    Read More »

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LineCam Systems- Glide Camera Shuttle

LineCam Systems head engineer Larry Braun, recently spent 8-10 hours on a manual milling machine, to fabricate the pieces we needed for our pre-production gravity powered camera shuttle, The Glide. Larry did an amazing job, and the parts went together and performed flawlessly. LineCam Systems will b ... Read More »

Walk / Run / Glide / Balance Bikes....

...whatever you want to call them.... My son is only 9 month old but it's never too early to start thinking of getting him on a bike. Both myself and wife had thought we will get a small 12" bike and remove the drivetrain. Then when he's ready to pedal reinstall the drivetrain and were good to go ... Read More »

Need 32t x-glide replacement cog

I need a source for the 32t aluminum cog for the xx1090/xg999 cassette. Local dealer says it does not appear on QBP's dealer page and is not available. Thanks to any help you may offer.Read More »

SRAM X-Glide shifting quality

Anyone else find the shifting quality with X Glide rings and cassette, when shifting gears 1 gear at a time, to be kind of clunky and having an excessive disengagement period (the split second where your cranks lose resistance)? When I shift multiple gears at a time, it feels very smooth with minima ... Read More »

hope ti glide disc spider removal?

I've got a set of these hubs and need to remove the spider that holds the rotor- hope usa no longer has the tool. We tried briefly with a spanner prior to emailing them (weren't certain they would be normally threaded and not reverse so didn't want to pull too hard). Anyone been able to remov ... Read More »

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