Glide Bikes Mini Glider Balance Bike Review

Reviewer: Zen_Turtle Marco's Original Review: Introduction: From PV-Glider web site: The first U.S. made balance bike, the PV GLIDER and now the MINI GLIDER and GO GLIDER provide young children, eighteen (18) months to ni ...    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Scott Genius 710 offers many options to suit many riders

The Scott Genius 710 is an excellent climber and is a bike that you could use for racing Enduro or even XC Endurance races.    Read More »

Liteville 301 MK 10 - First Impressions

I first saw the 301 at Sea Otter when the US rep Kenny Roberts let me take it out for a quick spin, and then in May when I was at the Magura press camp in Sedona, I procured it one afternoon when Kenny was sleepy away the day. I have been riding the Liteville 301 for a couple of weeks, and it ...    Read More »

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Walk / Run / Glide / Balance Bikes....

...whatever you want to call them.... My son is only 9 month old but it's never too early to start thinking of getting him on a bike. Both myself and wife had thought we will get a small 12" bike and remove the drivetrain. Then when he's ready to pedal reinstall the drivetrain and were good to go ... Read More »

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