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gipiemme wheels

hi all , was wondering if any of you guys had used gipiemme wheels on mountain bike and if they were any good thanx allRead More »

gipiemme wheels

hi all ,got chance to buy some wheels half price wondered if any of you guys had , had any gipiemme wheels for mountain bike and if they were any good thanxRead More »

New Gipiemme saddles?

Has anyone used the new Cobra (127g) Manga (147g), or g124 MAX (133g)? They all have Ti rails, carbon fiber shells, a center cutout, and very low claimed weights. The website does not seem to specify whether they are suitable for mtb. [IMG]http://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/gipiemme%20g124.jpg[ ... Read More »

A close up of the Gipiemme saddle...

Absolutely beautifully made. 150g and very well padded! Quite comfortable, though my rear end is still getting used to the new shape... :D Enjoy! CODMANRead More »

Gipiemme saddles; where to buy in america?

does anybody know a source to buy Gipiemme saddles in America? Either Canada or USA? I'm looking for a Stealth G124 Max ti Chicagoland bikes doesn,t seem to sell the anymore. And USAeurobikes doesn,t seem to be in business anymore! I e.mailed Gipiemme, but no response so far! Can anybody ... Read More »


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