NAHBS News: Austin buzzing with NAHBS! - Dwan Shepard, Ellis video, lots more

Show founder Don Walker and his fiance Lesley Schommer have been in Austin since Tuesday and say the city is buzzing with NAHBS talk. Excited? We are! There is still (just) time to register online for NAHBS to save money and get in the fast line at the entrance. ____________________________________ ...    Read More »

NAHBS Newsletter 2011

NAHBS Newsletter 2011#07 2011 Show: Austin, Texas, Feb. 25-27 Introduction to NAHBS NAHBS showcases the talents of individuals around the world whose art form is the bicycle. It aims to be a meeting point for both frame builders and consumers looking for handmade custom bicycles, for the s ...    Read More »

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gauging interest: 29'r TF 59cm Giordana XL-ECO

Hello all,, I have a late 90's Giordana XL-Eco 59 cm steel frame with campy centaur 10 spd that I may trade for a 29' bike. This bike is one fantastic ride! LBS says it may be made by Dario Pegoretti, as many of the Girodana frames were made by him during this time. I bought this frame and kit ne ... Read More »

gaging interest: FT 59cm Giordana XL-ECO

Hello all. I have a late 90's Giordana road frame. It was mainly used for winter training and part-time spring rig. It has Centaur 10 sp campy, and strong ambrosia wheels. This steel XL-ECO frame may have been made by Dario Pegoretti, LBS says he was known to have made much of the frames sold by ... Read More »

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