Drift Industries Announces New, Faster Ghost-S POV Camera

With a new sensor, better lens, and faster video frame rate, the new Ghost-S POV camera increases the performance of the Drift Industries' Ghost camera line.    Read More »

Review: Drift HD Ghost POV Camera

An incredible amount of technology, features and software crammed into an easy to use 11MP video camera, with a superb remote control, a long lived battery and useful LCD screen.    Read More »

Drift Innovation Drift HD Ghost Delivers Features Users Want

Do you sometimes feel that GoPro has a monopoly on the POV Camera market? They seem to have a lions share of the market because of their superior brand and and marketing power.    Read More »

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Ghost story on School Bus trail

Rode school bus trail last night... it was teh awesomeness about half way down there is a bike mounted to a tree, all Blair witch like.. freaked the faque out of us... then we noticed how broken the frame was.. bummer for said breaker of frame, that walk out must of sucked... anyone know the ... Read More »

New to the world of MTB - My new bike - Ghost SE 2930

Hi ... being a triathlete "main hobby" I'm sometimes bored of riding roads and decided to purchase my first 29er thus allowing me to venture further a field and head out into those forests tracks that surround my local area. Unlike most of you guy's I'm not a young dog - this is my first real moun ... Read More »

Advice about Ghost SE 2970

Hi there, I'm in my mid 30s, trying to decide onto a new bike after a decade long brake. I plan to ride mostly on light to intermediate trails on weekends (nothing too technical) and use it to commute to work on roads/urban trails during the week. I was wondering if someone can tell me anything a ... Read More »

And so it starts again! Ghost 26" build.

So some of you might remember this thread about my son's Orbea build [URL="http://forums.mtbr.com/families-riding-kids/xs-orbea-della-build-my-son-696949.html"]http://forums.mtbr.com/families-riding-kids/xs-orbea-della-build-my-son-696949.html[/URL] [ATTACH=CONFIG]798706[/ATTACH] Well it's be ... Read More »

Ghost AMR Plus Lector 7700

Has anyone bought one of these or taken it for a long demo? It looks a great price for the spec and whilst it's a lessor known brand (to me anyway) I am wondering if it is a good option? Thanks!Read More »

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