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Hot News: RockShox's Monarch shocks get lighter touch with new DebonAir

RockShox looks to add the same kind of responsiveness to their Monarch rear shock platform that’s garnered so much praise for their Pike fork with the announcement of the enhanced DebonAir air can.    Read More »

Mtbr invites local readers to get their flow on at Demo Dig Days, March 15-16

Find out how you can have fun, build trails and win great schwag all at the same time. Join us for Mtbr’s Demo Dig Days in Soquel Demonstration State Forest, March 15 and 16.   Read More »

Get a Great Deal With Sea Otter Lodging Partners

Right now, the Sea Otter Classic lodging partners are offering some great deals for those of you who book early.    Read More »

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what will 4K get me these days?

first new bike since '07...here is my wish list, attempting to stick around $4,000... *650b specific 130-150mm carbon trail frame *prefer modern suspension like VPP or DW-link *XT, XO or XO1 component set (prefer Shimano XT brakes) *size L or XL, want to be in the 28lbs range stock Back in ... Read More »

Can't get my crank bolt off!!

I'm having serious issues removing my crank bolt. I've watched about every you tube video out there, and all of them remove the bolt with ease using a standard socket wrench. My problem is that none of my sockets fit the bolt! 1/2 is too big, 7/16 is too small. 13mm too big, 12mm too small. The only ... Read More »

HT Shock? Which to get?

I am so close to buying my first real mountain bike. Seems every time I look at a bike something new pos up to consider. I have picked out the Specialized Jett for its light weight, disc brakes and 29er....but am struggling with the front suspension....go coil or air? I am a heavy rider and heard ... Read More »

West Mag Riders: how do you get high?

Last night, riding up Schoolbus, we came upon two riders coming down. One of the riders repeatedly expressed surprise at someone riding up Schoolbus, he seemed to feel like it was a trail that should be ridden downhill only and was usually/always ridden downhill only (he wasn't mad at us for riding ... Read More »

AM Kitchen Designs- Where can I get them?

I'm looking for AM kitchen design, more than XC but not quite FR or DH. Anyone know where one could find something like this?Read More »

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