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Review: Gemini Lights Xera 950

The Xera has a nice, tiny light head and it puts out a good amount of light. It's ideal for the helmet use with a Duo or Olympia on the bar. This year, the Xera has a 100 Lumen bump from last year and that is typical of the upgrade in the whole Gemini line up.    Read More »

Review: Gemini Lights Duo 1500

The Gemini Duo is ideal for helmet mounting as it it provides a lightweight head, very similar to the Lupine Piko 4. It throws out a nice 1208 Lumen beam pattern for a run time of 1:30.   Read More »

Review: Gemini Lights Olympia 2100

85 gram light head makes it ideal for either bar or helmet use and impressive programmability gives the light a lot of range for different applications.   Read More »

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how are gemini and lupine lights at overheating?

Wondering how you Gemini and Lupine owners experiences have been with overheating in hot climates? In particular Gemini's Olympia and Xera and the Lupine's Betty, Wilma and Pico. I'm in TX so sometimes it's still in the 90's at night. Currently I have a Magic Shine 870 and 808. When it's hot, ... Read More »

Gemini Lights

Their website, [url=http://gemini-lights.com]Account Suspended[/url], is down. Anyone know what's up?Read More »

What's next from Gemini Lights?

We gave you a tiny helmet light, a floody bar light. What do you want to see next from Gemini? We'll take all serious replies into consideration. :thumbsup:Read More »

Gemini Lights OLYMPIA LED (2012)

Our new Gemini OLYMPIA is just about ready to launch, beginning of February 2012. [B]Gemini OLYMPIA[/B] [LIST] [*]• LED: 3x CREE XM-L [*]• Brightness: 1700 Lumens [*]• Weight: 76g (Light Head) [*]• Beam Angle: 19° [*]• Run Time on Maximum: 2 hours (4-cell), 3.5 hours (6-cell) [*]• 4 modes: ... Read More »

Gemini Lights TITAN LED and XERA LED (2012)

Greetings from Gemini Lights, Due to an incoming large number of CREE XM-L units in prep for 2012, we've upgraded our TITAN LED to the XM-L. The SSC-P7 version will still be available for a limited time as we have few remaining stock left. The new beam pattern remains relatively the same with a s ... Read More »

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Gemini Lights Product Categories


Duo LED 4.75
4   Reviews
$ 217.99
Duo LED 1500 0
0   Reviews
$ 229.95
Olympia LED 0
0   Reviews
$ 268.99
Olympia LED 2100 0
0   Reviews
$ 299.95
Titan LED 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 129.99
Xera LED 4.86
7   Reviews
$ 199.99
Xera LED 950 0
0   Reviews
$ 189.95
Xera LED Flashlight 0
0   Reviews
$ 99.99


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