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Gear Review: Lauf Trail Racer 29 fork

Lauf’s 990-gram, leaf-spring Trail Racer 29 suspension fork challenges the status quo and—at 60mm-travel—comes up a little short. But that’s not the fork’s only issue. Our Kurt Gensheimer takes a close look at this Icelandic oddity.   Read More »

runtastic Announces Contest to Gear up for Summer

runtastic (makers of the MountainBike PRO app) are holding a contest for bikers, runners and hikers. Draw the Most Creative Shapes on Their Workouts between Today and June 21 Eligible for Cool Prizes. SAN FRANCISCO - Are you a fitness enthusiast with creative flair? runtastic, a leading provider ...    Read More »

Gear Review: Giro New Road Women's Apparel

Giro targets women with its daring, mountain bike capable, New Road line of casual looking, but technically serious cycling apparel. See if they hit the mark or come up short.    Read More »

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chain getting caught in 1st (1st gear) chainring, locks pedals up

okay i really need help, it has gone to the lbs twice this week and it is still happening first the basics: lbs used is the number one or number 2 bike shop in sacramento so they do have a good rep. basic tune up from lbs (this week) x9 rear derailleur installed new chain installed in febr ... Read More »

Chain getting jammed up on big gear shifting

Hi all, Due to budget, working with all alivio components (stock) for now. I have a problem when shifting from the front middle to front small gear while traveling up a slight incline. What happens is, every now and then, the chain will drop down to the smallest gear in front, but when the gear c ... Read More »

Switching to a 2 x 9 set up.. Question on gear selection

I am looking to change to a 2 x 9 set up but can't justify the new dedicated cranks. I found and ordered a 26/38 gear combo from CRC in UK. These will replace the current 22/32/44 on my cranks now. What are your thoughts on running a 26/38 front with 11-34rear on 26 inch wheels? Most of my ridin ... Read More »

When someone shows up with different gear...

When someone shows up with different gear... - is it a newbie who has no clue? - his other gear is broken? - he is good and does it on purpose? A while ago I announced my intention to do a relaxed evening ride, on a local forum. We ended up as a group of 8 on a pretty wide variety of bikes. ... Read More »

Gear up bike tree HD

Anyone used this bike stand? [url]http://www.amazon.com/Gear-Up-Bike-Tree-HD/dp/B0001H27C6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=sporting-goods&qid=1258595399&sr=1-1[/url] It seems perfect for my apartment to store the bikes on and do some light maintenance.Read More »

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