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New Dualocity Dual Chamber Hydration Reservoir Carries Both Electrolyt​es and Water

The company is called Mazama Designs and their product is the Dualocity, a hydration pack reservoir that has two separate chambers for providing riders with both pure water and there favorite sports drink all in one package.   Read More »

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stomach irritated with Gatorade/water mix?

The other day I had a GU pack to start a ride. I hydrated with a 50/50 gatorade and water mix. My stomach seemed alittle bothered. On my second lap I had part of a clif bar and hydrated the same way as before thinking the GU and gatorade mix was at fault. No change in my stomach feeling. I did star ... Read More »

Where'd the Gatorade go?

I can't find Gatorade mix anymore at the grocery store...anyone know where I can get some near Boulder without ordering online? (headed to Crested Butte on Friday and would like to have some by then) The new single serving packets don't count. If generating that much trash is the only option th ... Read More »

Alternatives to Gatorade that aren't as sweet

I find that Gatorade irritates my teeth from the sweetness after a few hours of exercise. What are some good alternatives that aren't as sweet?Read More »

Hydration Gatorade Fit Series?

OK so Gatorade is pushing this new 1-2-3 Fit Series Prime- Perform-Recover like crazy but all I ever see is 02/Perform which we can find everywhere ie 7/11. I have yet to see the any of the other products in a local store. I checked their site and 01-Prime is only sold in Bike Shops 03 is only in a ... Read More »

Gatorade Barf

I went for a long ride fueled by Perpetuem, got really nauseous on the climb back, which did not go away on the long decent back. I got a cold Gatorade Ice, sipped it for a little bit and barfed on the VTA light rail platform. Last Saturday I wanted to go on a long ride that had a lot of climbi ... Read More »

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Carb Energy Chews 0
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$ 29.99
Endurance Formula 5
1   Reviews
$ 28.99
Endurance Formula RTD 0
0   Reviews
$ 2.49
G-Series Perform 02 0
0   Reviews
$ 13.99
G-Series Prime 01 0
0   Reviews
$ 23.99
G-Series Recover 03 0
0   Reviews
$ 42.99
Gatorlytes 0
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$ 15.99


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