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KNOG's new Gator 605 grabs overall winner 2007 Australian Design Awards

Melbourne based company, Catalyst Design Group, has won the Australian Design Award of the Year for KNOG’s newest light; The Gator, a high powered LED bike headlamp that is visually simple, compact and obnoxiously bright. The light comes in three models – 105, 305 and 605 – and can be ordered from P ...    Read More »

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Thule Insta-Gator question

Just got the Insta-gator for my truck. I really like it. Easy and holds bike really well. Only issue is when the bike is locked in place the quick release lever contacts the arm ever so slightly. Not a real big deal but kinda annoying. It looks like you can disassemble the rack and reinstall the a ... Read More »

Gator Bait Adventure Race in Huntsville

Is anyone else doing this on Saturday? This is my first race of any kind.Read More »

Gator-hop same as bunny-hop

'Saw my first gator on a trail today while riding Jonathan Dickinson. I had gone through a blind corner with good pace and the vegetation was head-high, not much more than shoulder wide, and there it was...... Fortunately it was only about 3' long and shot into the brush as soon as it saw/heard me ... Read More »

Thule Insta-gator & fork rub?

I just bought a couple Thule Insta-gators and really like them except that I'm getting some paint rubbed off my DH fork where it makes contact with the release/handle mechanism (the part that slides up and down the notched pole). I've now tied a cut tube on the inside of the mechanism to help preve ... Read More »

Snapping GAToR Youth MTB group ride - 11/20 2PM

Ready to ride? Get the kids on the bikes and join our next scheduled group ride. This Sunday at 2PM. Meet in the large grass field to the right of the parking lot as you enter. We had a great turnout last time, let's see if we can have even more this time. The weather looks perfect! Snapping ... Read More »

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